Wisdom Teeth Removal – Aftercare Tips

Wisdom teeth are the teeth grown at the back of your gum and are the last set of teeth that grow in your mouth. Few peoples may get healthy wisdom teeth, but most people suffer problems due to the growth of wisdom teeth. The problems arise due to the growth of wisdom teeth includes impacted teeth, crowding, etc. So the dentists opt for cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. Due to the high cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, most people refuse to undergo surgery.  But today many Australian dentists offer wisdom teeth removal surgery at low-cost so that even the patients without dental insurance can afford it.

 After the removal of wisdom teeth, you need to take proper care for fast recovery. Some of the aftercare tips for wisdom teeth removal are listed below.

Take Care of Your Blood Clot

After your wisdom teeth removal, a blood clot will cover your surgical site. This blood clot is the best way to speed up your healing process and avoid the painful condition called dry sockets. The blood clot has some therapeutic benefits such as it acts as a barrier for bacteria and debris. If you remove or damage the clot, it starts bleeding and takes more time for its recovery.

Don’t Suck Using Straws

After your wisdom teeth removal process, you should avoid using straws while drinking liquids since this force can damage your blood clot severely. Also, you don’t swish your mouth for 24-48 hours after your wisdom teeth removal process. Even though it helps to clean your mouth, it is not the right time for doing it.

Take Your Pain Medications

Having your pain medications regularly as per the suggestion of your dentist can help you to recover faster. If it is mentioned to take every 4-6 hours, then you need to take it accordingly without fail. Also, don’t consume pain medications on an empty stomach.

Apply Ice Packs

Applying ice packs on your face over the surgical site can minimize swelling. You can apply it during the first 24 hours after the surgery, and it will help you tolerate the pain caused by the wisdom teeth removal process.

Oral Hygiene

You need to maintain good oral hygiene to improve the recovery process. You should brush your teeth gently till the next day after your surgery. You should rinse your mouth at least 5 to 6 times a day especially after each meal to keep your teeth clean. Using salt water for washing your mouth will speed up the recovery process.

The tips mentioned above help you to speed up the healing process after your wisdom teeth removal surgery. Even though the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is high, it is worth the cost.