Workout Options for Busy Adults

Whether you are a busy corporate business person or a harried stay-at-home parent, you most likely know what it is like to be too tired to have time to work out most days of the week. While your current workouts may happen only once or twice per year, you actually do have several options when it comes to working out more to reap the great physical and mental health benefits of exercise. Check out these tips for getting more workouts into your daily schedule, and create a plan to make this a reality.

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Work out at Home

Many adults no longer have time to go to the gym regularly. They may hold onto their gym memberships, knowing that this is a good thing to do, but their workout apparel may only be collecting dust in the corner of the closet. By keeping workouts close to home, all of the time needed for driving to and from the gym, arriving early to sign up for classes, waiting for an open treadmill and showering at the end are over. Consider purchasing workout DVDs, checking YouTube for free videos of your favorite workouts or investing in home gym equipment, such as a portable fitness board.

Work out Hard and Efficiently

If you simply do not have the time for a one-hour workout multiple times per week, consider shortening your workout times but increasing the intensity. This way, you can burn more calories in the same amount of time. For example, if you love to walk on the treadmill, increase your pace of your walk. If you love cardio, try interval training or tabatas. If group fitness is your thing, choose a spin class.


Find a way to meld two things that you need to do into one activity. For example, use your time on the treadmill to listen to a podcast, watch your favorite show or dictate your shopping list.

Although you cannot create more hours in your day, you can certainly find new ways to fit great workouts into your routine. Whether you choose to work out at home, find extremely powerful but short workouts or use your workout to accomplish another task simultaneously, you can certainly mesh your busy lifestyle with a healthy one. By increasing your physical activity level, you can decrease your risk factors for numerous diseases and feel better about yourself overall.