5 of the Best Natural Ingredients in Skincare Products

Companies selling skincare products can waste millions on marketing and can use the best endorsers, but these do not guarantee that their products will sell. As customers are now being more intelligent, manufacturers shift to the use of natural ingredients rather than toxic chemicals. Well Within Beauty is one of the perfect examples of such a company, which specializes in selling plant-based cosmetics.

Thinking of the next skincare product to buy? If you are unsure of what to pick, keep on reading and know more about the ingredients that you should look for.

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Coconut Oil


One of the staple ingredients in natural skin care products, it offers a number of benefits to the skin, such as protection from the harsh heat of the sun, removing dead skin cells, and strengthening epidermal tissues to combat the visible signs of aging. It also functions as a natural cleanser and moisturizer. With anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it can keep your skin young-looking.

Tea Tree Oil


Since time immemorial, tea tree oil has been used in alternative skincare to fight bacteria that cause inflammation and other problems. It has phytochemicals that make it one of the top essential oils that you can see in skincare products. It also contains terpinen-4-ol, which kills fungi, viruses, and bacteria. For home-made facial care products, mix it with honey to maximize its benefits.

Aloe Vera


Ancient Egyptians consider aloe vera as the plant of immortality. It has a wealth of medicinal uses, including the treatment of sunburns. As a common ingredient in natural skincare products, it can offer moisturizing benefits without feeling greasy. To add, it has auxin and Gibberellins, two hormones that fight inflammation, making it effective in the treatment of acne. It also has ant-oxidants, which are the ones that are responsible for keeping the skin firm, fighting aging, and maintaining firmness.

Shea Butter


Derived from the shea tree, this kind of oil is rich in fats, the kind of fats that are good for the skin. Lotions, moisturizers, and creams often contain shea butter because of its high content of Vitamins A and E, which are both good for the skin. It’s also abundant in antioxidants that are effective in fighting inflammation, enhancing the defense of the skin against free radicals. Products with unrefined shea butter, compared to refined, are better since it means that the butter has undergone minimal processing.

Argan Oil


New York Times once referred to argan oil as a liquid gold that is found in Morocco. The fatty acids and Vitamin E are some of the reasons why it makes another excellent natural ingredient for skincare. It naturally boosts the skin, providing moisturizing and hydrating effects without feeling oily. It also restores the elasticity of the skin, which is why it is a popular component of anti-aging products.

If you are shopping for skincare products, look for those with the natural ingredients mentioned above to enjoy a multitude of benefits without worries that there will be side effects.