A Realistic Approach to Addiction & Recovery

The story of addiction will often follow a similar narrative; “life was unbearable because of my addiction. Stopping was difficult but now everything is amazing”. As common as this can be, a lot of people find the road to recovery to have a much steeper incline. It is a wonderful notion; however, expecting that your life will be perfect during and after recovery can be just as detrimental as discouraging as expecting to be worse. A realistic approach to addiction and recovery is essential to remain on a steady path to sobriety through a rehab clinic. Let’s look further into why sobriety won’t fix absolutely everything.

Addiction Isn’t the Cause

There is no denying that addiction can cause a lot of issues in your life, as well as making existing issues even worse, but addiction itself is commonly a symptom caused by other issues. It may well be a symptom of depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, PTSD or any other variety of problems. It could even be a symptom of you struggles with handling stress. Unfortunately, none of these issue magically disappear after becoming sober, they go away during the process of getting sober and changing your life for the better. Everything is brought under your control and you also happen to be clean.

Problems Created by Addiction

The intoxicated version of you has almost definitely made messes that the sober you would have had to deal with the next day. This could be anything from damaged relationships, further financial debts or even legal trouble. It may seem daunting to tackle sobriety alongside these everyday issues; however, you will definitely be able to tackle many of these whilst walking on the road to recovery. They will become far easier to deal with as you increase your sobriety and would be far more complicated if had chosen to continue drinking or using.

We All Have Problems

Each and every one of us has problems. Young or old, using or sober, having problems is completely normal. People get ill, they lose their jobs or homes, friends or family members pass away. Hardly one single day passes by without an individual experiencing some sort of issue or crisis. To simply expect your life to become completely perfect simply by becoming sober is unrealistic. Setting your bar too high can risk you falling back in to bad habits quite quickly. The good news, however, is that when you are sober you are much less likely to cause problems for yourself. A clearer, happier mind will be far more attentive and will be presented far better experiences.

Should you wish to make a change for the better and get on the road to sobriety, do not hesitate to contact your nearest alcohol rehab. These experienced professionals are here to help you get the absolute best treatment and help necessary to improve your life and rid you of addiction. Addiction may have put you in a hole, but help with sobriety will be the tools you need to dig your way out of it.

Ellen Cone