Chiropractic Help For Pregnancy Pain In The UK

Finding out you are pregnant and expecting a baby is exciting news and most women are filled with joy at the notion of experience the miracle of life growing within them. Pregnancy however can also come with a few uncomfortable and sometimes painful physical conditions such as pain in the back, joints and neck.  Thanks to the team of chiropractors at the Back Blog we have some useful information on what causes back pain during pregnancy.

According to studies 50 to 70 percent of all pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy. The most common cause of back pain during pregnancy have to do with the changes in the body during the pregnancy like hormonal changes. There is an increase in a woman’s hormones during pregnancy. This hormonal increase helps the body prepare the pelvic area by softening the ligaments and joints which helps prepare the body for the birthing process.Image result for Chiropractic Help For Pregnancy Pain In The UK

Other causes of back pain during pregnancy are caused from additional weight gain which the back must support. Generally women who were overweight before getting pregnant are at a higher risk of experiencing back pain due to the extra weight gained during the pregnancy. The more weight the back has to support the more risk of strain on the joints and muscles. As the baby grows, a woman’s center of gravity begins to change causing it to move forward, which also changes the posture.

Poor posture also can be the reason for pregnancy pain in the back as well as the neck. With the change in the center of gravity for the pregnant woman, additional weight gain and the hormonal increases, pain during pregnancy is for the most part unavoidable. There are a few simple changes a woman can make to help relieve some of the pain.

They include; changing how you pick things up by not bending over but squatting to do so instead, not wearing high heels or any other shoe that doesn’t offer sufficient support; do not sleep on your back- instead sleep on your left side with a pillow for support under your knees and make sure to get plenty of rest. All of these lifestyle changes will help, but chances are they will not completely relieve the pain.

However there is help available and many women have found help and relief from pain in pregnancy by seeking adjustments and treatment through a good chiropractic clinic. Routine visits to a chiropractor is in most circumstances, the most successful way to achieve relief from the pain in pregnancy.

How can a chiropractor help bring relief from the pain in pregnancy? All chiropractic treatments involve the maintenance of pelvic balance and alignment as well as keeping the spine aligned. When any of these bones get out of alignment it leads to problems such as back and neck pain, muscle strain and headaches.

Visiting a chiropractor regularly during pregnancy will not only help alleviate most pain, it will also help maintain a healthier pregnancy for both mom and baby. It is instrumental in bringing about a shorter labor and delivery process (always a desirable benefit), as well as being beneficial in considerably lowering the risk of complications during the pregnancy, labor and delivery.

A chiropractor can not only help bring relief from pain in pregnancy but strengthen the back to help prevent back pain in the future after giving birth. Anyone who already has children knows labor and delivery are just the beginning.

If you live in the UK and are in the Eastbourne area, are pregnant and suffering pain in your pregnancy, talk to Eastbourne Chiropractic today.

Don’t suffer in pain during your pregnancy, there is help available and it’s just a phone call away.

Ellen Cone