Different Ways to Get the Hair Back & Baldness Treatments in India

Baldness is a common problem in men. In fact, baldness is a condition in which there is no hair anywhere on the head of the males or there is less hair. Baldness is known in therapeutic language as Alopecia. The most serious condition is in baldness, in which there is no remaining hair left in the man’s head. The state of baldness is produced with more fall of hair. By the way, during normal hair wash, an average of 100 human hairs falls per day. The treatment can be the home remedy or diet improvement or even hair transplant.


Baldness is usually caused by genetic male tendencies called Androgenic Alopecia. Testosterone hormone found in men turns into dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for only hair front hair. The level of this hormone increases with which the roots of the hair in front of the head weakens, shorten and it starts falling out. After some time the hair follicles stop developing new hair; nonetheless, the follicles stay alive, proposing that they may, in any case, have the capacity to develop new hair.

Baldness is mainly due to the blockage or closure of hair follicles. Males have the maximum complaints of baldness. There are several variants of this:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Aging
  • Heredity
  • Iron and protein deficiency in the body
  • Weight Loss
  • Vitamin A intake in excessive amounts
  • Infections in roots
  • Trauma
  • Excessive use of contraceptive pills
  • Side effects of medicines
  • Tension
  • During delivery of women
  • During Menopause in Women
  • Cancer treatment after chemotherapy
  • Tight hair style
  • Thyroid disease
  • Dye, colour and hair loss in hair treatment
  • By changing the diet
  • Long and severe illness
  • Anemia
  • Eating anabolic steroids pill

Medications/ Non-Surgical Treatments

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine):  is an FDA affirmed topical treatment to treat hair loss. It is an answer that fortifies the hair follicles to develop and is connected straightforwardly onto your scalp.
    Minoxidil moderates male pattern baldness and few men will experience the development of new hair. The regular usage will bring the results but as soon as you stop the usage of Minoxidil the hair loss starts again.
    Unfavourable effects related with Minoxidil incorporate tingling, skin rash, skin inflammation, consuming, irritation, and swelling. A severe side effect that may occur due to over dosage of the drug is obscured vision, chest torment, dazedness, blacking out and sporadic heartbeat.

  • Finasteride: Also an oral pill to be taken only if advised by the doctor. It is more effective than the Minoxidil. It stops the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Again it will work well it the time the medicine is being consumed.  Side effects are chills; cold sweats; confusion; dizziness; hives; swelling of the legs, arms and face; tingling; erectile dysfunction; decreased sex desire; and weight increase.

Surgical Treatment:

  • Hair Transplant is the best treatment which is natural and 100% safe. In this, the hair follicle is removed from the backside of the head and implanted in front or bald area of the head with help of micro needle. Thousand of the grafts can be implanted in one session. There are some of the side effects if proper care is not taken post surgery like scarring and bleeding, itching, numbness and infection. Some of the methods are FUE, FUT, DHI. India is emerging as favourite destination as far as hair surgery is concerned and hair transplant in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune etc are some of the key locations.

Treatment via Diet

  • Protein is the building blocks of the body that are responsible for the repair of cells, muscle and tissues. Our food should be packed with foods rich in protein, e.g., milk, egg, meat, chicken, soybean, paneer, etc.
  • Not only Protein, but iron, Vitamin C, Omega 3, Vitamin A, Zinc and selenium, Vitamin E, Biotin all are essential get healthy hair. E.g., Yogurt, fish, spinach are some more food which is important for good health.

Home Remedies

  • The curd conditioner works great for the bald head.
  • The sulphur found in the onion accelerates blood flow in the head. The Juice of the onion if applied on the scalp on regular basis stimulates the hair growth.  
  • Grind the beetroot leaves in the grinder with rosemary leaves and make the paste. Apply this paste on the head and wash with lukewarm.
  • To fight baldness, mix lemon juice with several oils and massage the head.
  • Make the paste of fenugreek seeds and apply on bald area of. Leave the paste applied for one hour. Afterwards, wash the head with water. There will be a noteworthy effect.
  • Take a massage for 10 minutes with coconut oil before sleeping at night.
  • To treat baldness, apply the aloe vera gel on the head and massage the head properly.
  • To avoid baldness, apply the castor oil on the head and massage it well.

Hope this article was useful to you