Events Which Promote Cannabis

People’s perception of marijuana has shifted over the last few years. Many people now have a prescription or a recommendation from their doctor to use medical cannabis to treat different types of diseases and ailments. The medical world played a huge part in changing the way people perceive marijuana and they have done this by educating the public and putting out facts to clear away misconception. By doing this, some countries have changed their laws and regulations about medical marijuana to make it easier for patients to access.

One country that has taken a huge step in making weed more accessible for those who need it is Canada. To help ensure people use the medicinal herb properly there are now events that promote cannabis and the proper and legal ways to use it in Canada. Advocates of medical marijuana use believe that education and normalization of weed is key for support and eliminating stigma against those who use it.

There are some events that help promote cannabis use in Canada, for further information about proper cannabis use see MMJ Canada’s Twitter Profile. In the meantime here are events you can look forward to:

1. The Karma Cup

The country’s top producers of marijuana will come together in Toronto, Canada on September 9 – 10 to showcase their “elite cannabis products” for consumers to see. Judges will evaluate 15 different cannabis product categories to determine the best of the best. Categories include Disposable Vape Pens, Edibles, Bio and Organic Buds, CBD Buds, Topicals, and so much more! See how different producers fair against each other and who comes out on top during this exciting event!

2. Hempfest Cannabis Expo Calgary

Head to Alberta, Canada’s BMO Centre, Stampede Park on September 30 – October 1 for the Hempfest Cannabis Expo. Ticket price is at $15.47 and only 18 and above consumers are allowed to attend the event. Here you get to see different exhibitors, hear different speakers, and be wonderfully entertained along with other canna-curios consumers all over the country. It’s an event where everyone can celebrate their love and appreciation for marijuana.

3. Cannabis Private Investment Summit

Canada’s marijuana market is growing quickly and rapidly. This has inspired investors to give their time and money into the Canadian marijuana market. Those who are interested in investing in the country’s growing cannabis market which is expected to reach a whopping $2.5 billion by 2020 will get a chance to know more about the growing local market during the Cannabis Private Investment Summit which is scheduled on November 2, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

At this event investors will learn more about attractive and sustainable business models along with knowing the benefits and risks of investing in Canada’s growing marijuana market. It is a chance of savvy entrepreneurs to study the market to see if it is indeed worth investing in for the future.

The future of the marijuana market in Canada is bright. See MMJ Canada’s Twitter Profile for more information about events and to keep yourself updated with the world of medical marijuana. Follow MMJ Canada on Twitter to stay informed and current with laws and regulation about marijuana use in the country.

See MMJ Canada’s Twitter Profile and keep in touch with our community of experts and patients.
See MMJ Canada’s Twitter Profile and keep in touch with our experts and other members of our community. Our patients are our top priority.

May Capobianco