Everything You Need to Know about Aphids

Whether you are a traditional grower or a hydroponic grower that uses rhino pro filters and other hydroponics equipment, it is imperative that you learn all about aphids. Aphids are by far one of the most common and destructive pests for growers across the world – They are able to develop resistance to insecticides and are also not choosey when it comes to food sources, this makes them tough to eliminate from grow rooms and environments.

Aphids come in a selection of colours ranging from green to red to black; they can also range in size and characteristic. There’s approximately 4000 species of aphis in the world. Aphids typically have two whip-like antennae on their heads, pear shaped bodies and six legs. The also reproduce at fast paces and only one aphid is needed in order to start a colony.


Controlling Aphids

It can be difficult to control aphids as they are resistant to a lot of insecticidal sprays. However, there are methods which do work, with a few being:

  • Rinsing them off with water. Many people get rid of aphis by blasting them off plants with water.
  • Using insecticide sprays and soaps. This step is sometimes done after plants have been rinsed off with water. Make sure that you but sprays which are designed to treat aphids though as otherwise you could waste your money.
  • Pinching them off. Whenever you see an aphid you should pinch it off. This should be easy for you as aphids move relatively slowly. You should be able to pop their bodies and kill them with your fingers.


Know What You’re Doing

Hydroponic growing can be a tricky business, but can be incredibly rewarding for those that know what they are doing. The best piece of advice which I could give you today is to hold of growing hydroponically until you have done as much research as possible and feel like you know how to combat any problem which may arise. Luckily for you there are many hydroponic resources online for you to take advantage of and browse in your own time.

There are also many hydroponics suppliers in the UK whom are available to speak to – find a store near to you and pop in – You will find that staff will be eager to help you and assist you so that you are able to grow hydroponically in the greatest ways.


May Capobianco