How to Guide: Finding A Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

A revision rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure due to the fact that the original tissue has already been changed. Now, scar tissue is a significant factor, which means separation and repositioning of the bones and cartilage are more challenging.

The overall intention of this type of surgery is to correct secondary results that could be anywhere from a tiny bump on the bridge or a small but noticeable edge on the nasal tip.

Here are some key points to remember before picking a surgeon to administer your revision rhinoplasty.


In your search, you should be looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Sydney, Dr Alan Evans who has an exceptional amount of experience in the procedure. An experienced and highly skilled surgeon will have dealt with more difficult and complicated cases through the years. When you first contact a surgeon, ensure that you ask how many surgeries they’ve administered annually and how long they’ve been performing revision rhinoplasty.


If you have a friend, family member or acquaintance who has had revision rhinoplasty before, definitely ask them to share their experience with you. It’s also asking a good idea to ask the surgeon if you can look at some before and after photos of past patients.


If you’re not sure where to start looking just ask for suggestions from the people you know. Contact your general practitioner or the rhinoplasty surgeon who administered your first procedure for a referral. A professional opinion can be a more helpful and direct to finding a revision rhinoplasty surgeon that works for you.

The Consultation

When you first meet the plastic surgeon, pay very close attention and make sure that they understand your concerns. You need to walk out of consultation feeling comfortable and confident that the surgeon can correct your issues. If you end up leaving the consultation feeling uneasy or unsure, consider that a red flag. It’s crucial that both you and the surgeon are on the same page in your consultation and throughout your revision rhinoplasty journey. Your overall goal for this surgery should be that it will be the only surgery you will need to correct your issue.  

Further to discussing what you want to achieve from your revision surgery, you also need to consider all of the possible risks and substandard outcomes. Ensure that you have considered those risks before moving forward with the revision rhinoplasty.

Second Opinions

If you’re not entirely happy with all of the advice and information you received with the surgeon during your consultation, look for a second opinion. You may discover that the second surgeon will give you the same advice; if this is the case, its best to choose the surgeon that has the most experience.

Ellen Cone