Impact of Mindfulness Meditation on Therapists and Therapist Trainees

The therapists and therapist trainees get a lot of benefits through mindfulness; the reports are coming these days that psychotherapists who practice mindful meditation have the following benefits:

  • Empathy

Empathy is promoted by mindfulness; a lot of studies suggest that. In a study composed of premedical and medical students, they were asked to participate eight-week mindfulness-based stress reduction training. The group that participated in the mindfulness group shows a significant higher empathy than the control group. In 2006, a qualitative study was conducted where an experienced therapist who regularly does mindfulness meditation helped him develop empathy for the clients. In 2007, Wang found that experienced mindfulness meditator scored significantly higher on a measure of empathy compared with the therapists who didn’t meditate.

  • Compassion

Mindfulness meditation enhances self-compassion in healthcare professionals. In 2009, Kingsbury investigated to find out the role of self-compassion about mindfulness. Nonjudging and non-reacting components of mindfulness were correlated with self-compassion and also two dimensions of empathy by taking perspectives of others and reaction towards affective experiences with discomfort. The relationship between mindfulness and perspective taking are mediated by self-compassion.

  • Skill of Counseling

When psychotherapy training is intervened with mindfulness, it may help the therapists to develop skills to make it more effective. A study of qualitative study was conducted for four years; the counseling students were made to take 15 weeks of course that includes mindfulness meditation. The study reported that the students were more attentive in their therapy process, and they were doing fine with silence and become more attuned towards their clients as well as themselves.

  • Decrease Anxiety and Stress

In 1998, premedical and medical students participated in an eight-week mindfulness-based stress reduction training, and they reported less anxiety and stress after the eight weeks were over. Control group was also then introduced to eight-week training of the same class, and after it was over, they reported the same benefits.

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Dee Jones