Know the problems of miscarriage rate at 6 weeks

The miscarriage has always been the concern for most of the people around who gets pregnant or trying getting pregnant. According to the recent statistics of the miscarriage it has been found that approximately 30 per cent of all the pregnancies end up at miscarriages and around 75 per cent of the misconceptions fails in implanting. This is the frightening and startling statistic. For making the situation more badly, many of the women around miscarry before they realize that they are pregnant. The best news is also that the risk of losing baby decreases as pregnancy progresses.

What causes the miscarriage actually?

Between the 70 per cent or 50 per cent of first trimester miscarriages are thought as the random event which gets caused by the chromosomal abnormality in fertilized egg. More often, it also means that egg or the sperm had wrong number of the chromosomes and as the result, the fertilized egg don’t develop normally. You can also know that miscarriage rate at 6 weeks also gets caused due to different problems it is the delicate process of the early development. This includes the egg which doesn’t get implant properly in uterus or the embryo with the structural defects which prevents them from developing. Since most of the health care professionals also don’t do the full scale workup of the healthy woman after the single miscarriage, as it is usually impossible for telling why pregnancy got lost.

When fertilized egg has the chromosomal problem, you can end up with what sometimes called as the blighted ovum. In such cases, the implants of fertilized in uterus and placenta and the gestational sac begin for developing but resulting embryo either stop developing much earlier and don’t form things at all because placenta starts to secrete the hormones as you will get the positive pregnancy test and might have symptoms of early pregnancy but the ultrasound can show the empty gestational sac. In different cases, embryo does develops for a while but abnormalities make the survival impossible and developments stop before heart starts beating.

About the miscarriage rate at 6 weeks

At the miscarriage rate at 6 weeks the baby starts developing rapidly. If pregnancy gets progressed this much far, the risks of having the miscarriage usually drop at low to 5 per cent. The symptoms and signs of the miscarriages at seven weeks are also similar to signs of the miscarriage at six weeks. Some of its signs include the following,

  • It includes the moderate to heavy bleeding
  • The cramping and lower back pain which can be severe
  • The passage of the clots
  • The extended bleeding is for around seven or ten days
  • The heaviness in abdominal area
  • Cessation of the pregnancy symptoms can also be found

If you suspect that you are having such signs or symptoms then you should consult the doctor as soon as possible for confirming the miscarriage and ensuring that uterus expelled all of fetal tissue. Consult a good doctor for clear understanding.


May Capobianco