How Medical Crowdfunding Can Help Beat the Global Cancer Epidemic

More organizations and individuals campaign against cancer today than ever before. We strive to raise awareness and educate the world about prevention and early diagnosis. And yet, the global cancer epidemic still prevails and there are more victims of the disease with each passing year, and inevitably, more deaths.

Perhaps our campaigns fail to reach enough individuals. But the major challenge posed to patients still remains the expense of healthcare. Medical technology has advanced regally, but so have medical bills. Low income families, especially those in developing countries like India, can barely afford a single visit to the doctor without sacrificing meals. In fact, costs of consultation and diagnosis alone are exorbitant for families with higher income as well. Scans, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hospital stay can estimate up to Rs 10-15 lakhs easily.

This is where medical crowdfunding comes in. While patients previously turned to risky funding solutions like loans or sacrificed assets, they can now find a much safer and risk-free option that lets them collect contributions from a large population of people. Starting a crowdfunding campaign is free, easy and convenient. Since the first crowdfunding platform materialized in India, the industry has raised over Rs 500 crore, mainly towards social and medical causes.

How this Leukemia patient’s friend is saving his life

When Deepak was diagnosed with Leukemia, his family was at an utter loss. Doctors advised that only several sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy would be able to save his life, but the family had no means of afford Rs 10 lakh medical bill. His parents pooled in their savings and borrowed from family, but could only collect Rs 4 lakhs. This was when Deepak’s friend, Aman, stepped in, having heard of the positive impact crowdfunding India makes on cases like Deepak. He immediately began a fundraiser with Impact Guru’s global platform. He is able to share Deepak’s story easily across social media and provide potential donors with a safe and secure donation platform that is also simple to use.

Platforms like Impact Guru have seen underprivileged patients raise funds for an emergency medical situation in days or even overnight in multiple cases. Patients with chronic illnesses have also been able to raise the funds they need over a few weeks to pay for their cancer treatment. In a country where a majority of households struggle to put three meals on their table every day, medical crowdfunding is a blessing.

With timely treatment, Deepak will be able to survive the ordeal of his disease and go back to a healthy, happy life. If extended, doctors may need to resort to a bone marrow transplant, which could cost over double the amount posed to him now. Contribute to his recovery today!

May Capobianco