Meth Addiction: How to Spot When Someone is Using Meth

Meth for those who do not already know is one of the newer drugs of abuse available on the black market. It did not begin to truly grow in popularity until the mid to late 90s and has been growing ever since. Meth or meth methamphetamine is a crystalline substance that is inexpensive at first. Unfortunately, meth is only inexpensive in the beginning. As a meth addiction grows, it takes an incredible toll on the body, mind, and wallet of the individual using it. Once you know how, it is very easy to spot someone who has used or is currently using meth.

Changes in Personality

One of the first changes that you will notice, when someone is addicted to meth is the changes in their personality. These changes can be very subtle at first and the grow increasingly more drastic as time goes on. Some of the personality changes you can expect to see are:

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  • Talkativeness – a person on meth will talk constantly, often babbling or repeating themselves
  • Obsessive behavior – a person who has been using a while will exhibit behavior very similar to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This means that they will of often repeat patterns or patterns of behavior such as movement or actions over and over.
  • Depression – depression shows up when someone is crashing or coming down off meth
  • Impulsiveness – this often appears in the form of high risk taking behaviors such as having unprotected sex or engaging in daredevil stunts

Although these are not all of the personality changes, they are the ones that are the most noticeable when someone is using meth.

Physical Changes

The most drastic and noticeable changes can be seen when the meth addiction is progressing to the point where it is starting to cause physical damage. These changes are:

  • Drastic weight loss from meth speeding up the metabolism
  • Skeletal appearance from weight loss as well as poor health
  • Burns on the face and mouth from pipes or smoking meth
  • Sores on hands, arms, and face from the addict picking at their skin
  • Poor hygiene from not washing while on the drug
  • Dry, brittle, or greasy hair from not washing
  • Trembling or shaking constantly sometimes it almost appears that the addict is vibrating
  • Bad teeth, meth mouth is an all over tooth decay from the teeth cracking or grinding and poor hygiene


Although no single sign is a sign of meth addiction, when you begin to add the signs up a meth problem will become more and more apparent. Meth addiction is extremely dangerous and often deadly. If you notice that you or someone you love is exhibiting these signs, it is important for them to seek help as soon as possible. Meth addiction progresses rapidly and can quickly destroy lives. It is not just the addict that you have to worry about, everyone around the addict is vulnerable to the addiction.