Modalert 200mg from Sun Pharma: Benefits, dosage and how it works.

Modalert is the labeled version of generic Modafinil, manufactured by the largest pharmaceutical company Sun Pharma and sold mainly from online pharmacies based in India. If you buy Modafinil from the US, UK or Australia you may be aware of the extremely high cost of Provigil that is the non-generic form of Modafinil and due to its high-cost Modalert has rapidly become the most popular smart drug among user to promote wakefulness.

Modalert 200 is a wakefulness-promoting agent used for the treatment of thesleeping disorder and even prescribed off-label for ADHD and neurological fatigue. It is also reported that Modalert increases concentration and enhances mood. It is well known for its cognitive enhancing abilities as it has been reported by auser that Modafinil has helped them improve memory, learning and concentration control. Modalert is repeatedly counted amongst a well-liked class of compounds known as Nootropics.

Modalert 200 was primarily developed for the treatment of sleeping disorders and even to boost mental abilities. There was even a proposal to have Modafinil approved for individuals suffering from ADHD but was denied by the FDA as it showed anadverse effect on children’s.

Benefits of using Modalert

There are a vast number of benefits reported by this smart drug and much more are coming to light as Modafinil is under many clinical studies. Modalert is mainly used forthe treatment of narcolepsy;people suffering from daytime sleepiness and shift work disorder.There are many users who have reported that after taking Modalert it has helped them improve cognitive abilities like memory, learning, and alertness.

Modalert tablets are noted to have a reflective impact on weight loss. It works my increasing the rate of fat burning process in people with ahealthy weight. Modalert is considered as an appetite suppressor and helps you eat less which resultants in weight loss.Modalert is found beneficial in the treatment of opiate and cocaine addictions, but the studies into this effect have been full of loopholes, it will certainly be interesting to see what further studies discover.

How does it work?

Modalert has been used for a number of purposes but many of the mechanism of action of Modalert are still not fully understood. Modalert has been found to increase the dopamine level stopping the dopamine transporter which inhibits the reuptake of the chemicals inside the brain. Increased level of dopamine leads to increased motivation, concentration and also enhances the mood. It is furthermore found to increase the histamine levels in the brain, which helps in regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. Sleep is implicated as a hormone-induced condition as it alters the natural levels of these hormones; Modalert is reported to increase wakefulness during the day during sleep deprivation and reduced mental stress. It is observed that Modalert have an effect on serotonin, norepinephrine, and orexin systems within the brain.


Modalert 200 is generally taken in 200mg dosage but if you are new user it is advisable that you take a 100mg dosage and eventually continue to 200mg as a direct dosage of 200mg can be powerful. A single dose in the morning with water or breakfast should be enough to start your day.

Where to buy?

It is very difficult to find a site selling cheap Modalert online nowadays, but there is one online pharmacy where you can easily buy Modalert without and worry. is such one site very you buy Modafinil online without worrying about the quality of the products. Provigil being a controlled substance needs a prescription when you order it, but Modalert can be bought without a prescription.


Ellen Cone