The Five Best Gifts Every Nurse is Secretly Wishing For

Every May, we celebrate nurses during Nurse Appreciation Week. We honor their dedication, their tireless care, and their unseen acts of kindness that make them the unsung heroes among us. But our appreciation for our nurses shouldn’t be confined to just one week; we owe them a lifetime.

With that in mind, we’ve created the ultimate gift list for that special nurse in your life. Here—the 5 best gifts for nurses.

Personalized scrubs

Not all scrubs are made the same. The best nursing scrubs are made of soft fabric, feature a comfortable fit, and are extremely durable. It helps when scrubs are fashionable and flattering to all body types, come in a range of colors and sizes, and last through wash after wash. Bonus points for personalized scrubs.

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Comfortable, fashionable shoes

Nurses are on their feet all day–and night—long. Rarely having a moment to sit means that it’s incredibly important to wear the correct shoe. Poorly made shoes result in foot and back discomfort, which can quickly turn to excruciating, debilitating pain by the end of a shift. Over time, this can lead to injury, illness, and lifelong pain management. Look for shoes that have a contoured foot bed, a shock-absorbing footbed, and instep support. Our favorite? Dansko Clogs. Favored by professionals on their feet all day—no matter the industry—Dansko Clogs are excellent shoes fit for a nurse.

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Self-care is a vital practice among those in professions that care for others. It’s important to replenish our own reserves before being able to tirelessly care for others. Nurses are top on the list of those in need of a little self-care.  A massage is an excellent way to show your appreciation. A gift card for an hour or more with a local masseuse, will be a well-received gift for that special nurse in your life.

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A quality travel mug

On average, a nurse has a shift of 12 hours. That’s 12 hours of walking, standing, bending, lifting, and otherwise not getting any rest. Their energy has to come from somewhere, and often that means coffee. But because nurses are always on the go, a travel coffee mug that keeps beverages hot for hours is an excellent gift for a busy nurse.

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An extremely hydrating lotion

Nurses wash their hands at least 100 times per shift. All of that soap, water, and scrubbing leads to some very dry, sensitive skin. It can be painful, resulting in chapped skin, hangnails, and flaking, inflamed hands. One of the most appreciated gifts for a nurse is an excellent hand lotion. Look for a non-greasy lotion that rubs in quickly and hydrates well.

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