Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures 

Dentures are some of the most common dental options for seniors in Georgia. However, people of any age can benefit from them. If you are considering getting dentures, it is normal to have questions about them. Dentures are made with precision by taking your mouth’s measurements. Therefore, these dental equipment fit your mouth’s contours perfectly. 

If complaints from denture users, such as irritation, embarrassing slip-ups, and sores, are stopping you from getting them, it may be because they were not fitted properly. Consult with an experienced Lawrenceville, GA dentist to avoid this issue. 

Commonly asked questions about dentures.

  • Should you get a denture?

To know whether or not you should get dentures, see a prosthodontist. These professionals have an additional three years of training after dental college and specialize in tooth restoration, replacement, or even dentures in complex cases. A prosthodontist will diagnose your condition and determine if dentures are suitable for you or not. 

  • What do you do if your dentures have become loose?

When you get your first dentures, the dentist will advise you on how to maintain them and follow daily oral hygiene. You need to regularly visit your dentist for follow-ups to check the condition of dentures and the remaining teeth. If your dentures have started to become loose or do not fit well, the dentist will recommend rebasing or relining to keep them back in perfect condition.

  • Can you eat or speak normally with the dentures?

Yes. You will be able to perform your daily tasks and eat or speak normally with your dentures. However, your mouth will take a certain time to adjust to the newly installed dentures. After that, you will be able to speak and eat with ease.

  • What type of dentures are there?

Dentures are used to replace a single or many missing teeth. Dentures that completely replace your missing teeth are called complete dentures. However, other dentures may rest on your gums and cover the jawbone. If you want to improve your denture’s stability, get it attached to your dental implants. Dentures that do not replace all the missing teeth are known as partial dentures. 

  • Can you fix a broken denture?

Yes. A broken denture can be fixed if it is made of acrylic. They can easily be fixed with a quick turnaround. However, chrome dentures that are not made of acrylic can take longer to repair or sometimes can not be repaired at all.

  • How to take care of your dentures?

Clean your dentures with warm water and toothpaste or soap every day. You can also soak them in a denture solution to get it cleaned. However, avoid using hot water or bleach as it could cause damage to the dentures.

If you are considering dentures but have concerns or questions, visit your nearest dentist today!

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