How Does Online Therapy/Online consultation work?

Online therapy works almost like a conventional therapy in which you go to a well-trained couple therapist. However, there are some peculiarities in online therapy (for example, partner and therapist are talking in writing rather than face-to-face so that the therapist can neither see nor hear the partners) who are treated with a special treatment concept which has evolved over several years of research and whose effectiveness has been scientifically tested.

The online therapy takes place here in so-called “time-shifted chats.” For example, each partner has a chat with the therapist in private, and in a second chat both partners and the therapist talk.

counseling oak park il A written conversation has some traits compared to a conversation. To exploit the benefits, some couples therapy experts have developed and optimized each chat specifically for a task over several years of research. So, they can offer you much better online therapy or counseling oak park il than if using emails or other forms of communication.

The Difference between Face-to-face Therapy

Unlike face-to-face therapy, where there is typically one appointment per week, online therapy gives you daily contact with your therapist from Monday to Friday. There is no need to make an appointment, and you do not have to be online with your companion or therapist at the same time. This is ensured by specially designed chats, where the messages are stored so that at any time 24 hours a day it can be accessed. You can just take some time each day and tell your therapist something. Your therapist sees your messages once a day and answers. So you need only a few minutes daily (about 30 minutes daily), but have a high regularity.

The goal of online therapy for partnership issues is that something changes in your relationship so that you become happier again.

What Process?

In the earliest weeks, your therapist will try to get to know your relationship with your strengths and weaknesses as well as possible. It will look at the history of your partnership and your key issues, as well as your interaction with your spouse in discussing partnership issues.

Your therapist discusses with you his impressions of your most important problem areas. These are used as a usual thread to develop particularly important goals for your partnership. This is followed by another part of the online therapy: Together with your psychoanalyst, you work out how to achieve these goals.

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