What Are Active Teeth Whitening Materials?

In the late century, people focus on their appearance more than before. They even care about their smile, looks, and dental impression. So cosmetic dental treatments are improving in different aspects. Teeth whitening is also one of these advanced and popular cosmetic dental treatments. This process can make your yellow, dark, and discolored teeth as white as possible. But how is it possible to whiten teeth during this process? What are the active materials used in the whitening procedure? Based on gathered reports, most cosmetic dental clinics use new whitening materials. According to a dentist applying dental bleaching services, the first generation of whitening materials was in liquid form. Over time, they have become powders, and now cosmetic dentists are using whitening gel as the most practical material in the whitening process. As a patient, you should get familiar with the whitening materials and their approach, so stay with us for further information.

Teeth Whitening Materials

Note that first and second-generation teeth whitening materials were hard to manage, and they were active for a short time, while this new generation can stay longer. You can enjoy your white teeth longer than before.

There is also another generation of these materials, which come with potassium nitrate to whiten your teeth. These materials are even much better than whitening gel.

You and your cosmetic dentists can decide which whitening material is the best for you. It is essential to examine your teeth before choosing the right and most suitable whitening material to brighten your smile and bleach your teeth.

The excellent news, cosmetic dental treatments have improved over time. Each whitening material’s performance and price will differ from the others. Be careful in choosing your cosmetic dentist.

We recommend choosing the most professional cosmetic dentist aware of different whitening materials and their performance procedure.

Carbamide Peroxide Best for Teeth Whitening

Carbamide peroxide is one of the most practical, functional, popular, and common whitening materials. It is a 10 percent whitening gel that affects very correctly on your discolored teeth.

There are different whitening materials, and you are free to choose and use each. Don’t worry; this material does not harm your teeth or their structure.

Note that natural yellow teeth cannot whiten with the help of these whitening materials. You can get sure about your teeth whitening process with the help of your cosmetic dentist.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another whitening material used in some cosmetic dental clinics. As you know, hydrogen comes with oxygen and water molecules.

These molecules’ combination and breaking process will cause whitening materials on your teeth. Every whitening material is chemical, so that they can affect your teeth properly without hesitation.

It is also good to consider your teeth condition and dental health before getting ready for whitening.

The formula of each whitening material is also different from others, so never expect them to treat your yellow teeth the same as each other. They even affect each person’s teeth differently. Which one do you prefer to whiten your teeth?

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